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Avatars for Two

If you enjoyed the movie Avatar, that’s wonderful.  It simply wasn’t the movie for me.  At least in 3D.

I spent our theater experience looking down at the floor and praying I wouldn’t suddenly upchuck on the person in front of me.

Motion sickness.  It was lovely.

As a result…I don’t remember the movie much.  Only the blue faces. 

The ones that looked like these.  The ones that interpreted, “go out and play with sidewalk chalk” to mean, “let’s see mommy gasp for air.”

Um…here’s the purple one whose idea it was.

and here’s the blue one…whom I’m sure did not have his arm twisted to participate…

and who ran inside minutes later to wipe off with a white bath towel…

only to return looking gray.

Let’s see here…

Love my kids.  Endorse creativity.  Just gonna have to be more specific, heh.


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  1. Kristine says:

    picts totally made this story. shocked me w/blue faces but that’s how kids are.

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