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Hug Tag

They called it “HUG” tag.

Which I’d never heard of.

Or witnessed.

Or played.

Or realized was so much harder than regular tag.

Until my daughter tore through the house after her brother who was high-tailing it to the backyard but got swooped up instead and squeezed by a pair of arms.  Hers.

“You’re it!” she hollered.

At which time he peeled out in the kitchen, righted himself and jumped off the back steps after his sister who sprinted around the backyard.

He crumpled fifteen seconds later in the lawn with empty arms and pouted in my direction, “she won’t let me hug her.”

My daughter turned her back for a moment, concerned elsewhere.

At which time my son–and his attitude–leapt two feet and nabbed her waist.

And, well, all was right with ‘hug’ tag.


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  1. Kristine says:

    awwwww, so sweet. love this; i want to play hug tag!! the things that kids come up w/ and the pict is so perfect. what a great full-on body hug!

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