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without proper articulation…

mommy’s had enough.

Enough whining.  Enough ingratitude.  Enough questions.  Enough of all it.

Whatever it is.

And sometimes…

for no ONE reason…

mommy needs to be alone.

To breathe.  To sit.  To be.

To eat without sharing.  To read a page in a book…and then the next page.  To hear the sweep of the wind and the quick call of a bird to another.  To eye a beetle in the driveway.  To see the ocean–even if just in the mind.  Or the mountaintop.

To put her hands in her hair and shake the whole mess.


because sometimes mommy’s trampled spirit just needs to heal.



2 Responses to “Sometimes…”

  1. Linda H says:

    Jeanne, You are a wonderful mother and the sweet spirit of your children shows that. You do need to take time for yourself so you can just be “you” and not “mommy” for awhile. You said it all very beautifully. So let your spirit heal … it’s good for you.

  2. Kim Frey says:

    Send them my way then you can read many many pages!!

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