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Silver Falls 2011

A year ago I stood in the same shorts I was wearing yesterday.  With the same kids.  In front of the same sign.

This was then.

And this was yesterday.

I think the kids are taller.  Weird.

Whatever it was about Silver Falls last year, it left an impression on these two.  And they yammered about it for the last eleven months.

So it was time.

Here they are near the beginning of the trail. 

Um…squirt guns were sort of a seat-of-the-pants decision.

Maybe not the best one I’ve ever made.

The rule ‘you may squirt yourself and no one else’ lasted…

about a minute.

But…here are the falls.

These things.

The things my husband crouched a breath away from with my children last year.

And the things–courtesy of grandma and me–my kids are not in the picture with this year.

We’re nervous like that.

Here’s my mom…doing what I hope I’m doing in thirty years…

listenin’ to some yarn from a grandkid while eatin’ a turkey sandwich somewhere in the hills.

‘Cause this is what it’s all about…

a bag of chips…

and a dusty trail…

shared with the people you love.


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