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Summer Lovin’

I think without meaning to, my children got along today.

At one time my daughter hollered from the back door that her brother was chasing her with used toilet paper.  But somehow that resolved itself.  And I didn’t even ask how.

It started with the playset ‘remodel’.  Anything that wasn’t nailed to their beds made it outside, and the two of them ate lunch in their fort.

Then the hand-me-down Dora quad made an appearance, whereby the two of them squeezed on the same seat…

and my daughter took off through the weeds.

My son was not the only one who shuddered.

When it was his turn, my son–and his black snow boots–showed his sister how to really ride…

by whipping her through our other patch of weeds.

Somehow this was fun.

Only I didn’t ask how or why.

And then, for whatever reason, my daughter presented her brother at the back door. 

Only he was a puppy named “Pepper,” with homemade ears and a taped on nose.

I love these guys.

But, man, my heart throbs when they love each other.


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  1. Kim Frey says:

    When siblings love eachother it is the biggest blessing to the whole household!! Be sure you tell them!!

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