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Big Undies

It was my daughter who needed underwear.  Not me.

I’d watched yesterday as she fiddled with the elastic band on the pair she was wearing.  Only the band was like a belt holding up nothing, having severed itself entirely from the cloth. 

We took care of that today.

And since we were on the subject, I checked in the women’s section to see if there was, you know, anything pretty and practical.

As I held up the first pair, my eyes bugged.  “These are huge,” I muttered.  I checked the tag.  Ahem…my size.  I held the things up again.  “I must wear huge underwear,” I gasped.

My daughter was right there to console me.  “Yeah, mom,” she affirmed.  “Yours are humongous.”

We left with what we came for.

And nothing more.


7 Responses to “Big Undies”

  1. Sarah says:

    She is awesome

  2. The man says:


    you don’t wear big undies – I’ve seen them first hand.


  3. Linda H says:

    What are you talking about … you are tiny. Your daughter, bless her heart, was being supportive of you from a child’s point of view.
    Tip: next time shop for your size 1st before you go to the children’s department. Your mind was just playing tricks on you.

  4. Jackie M says:

    Art Linkletter put it in a nutshell: “Kids say the darndest things”. And for the record, the only thing humongous about you is your thoughtfulness.


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