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Sweet Reunion

We’d prepared our daughter for the birth of her brother the best we could.

Only moments before she met him, we worried that it wasn’t enough.

Would she feel dethroned?  Resent us?

Would she ask us to send him back?

We’d heard of angry siblings–had even seen some–and we didn’t want that.

Which was when we decided that my husband would be holding our son when our daughter walked into our hospital room.  I would reach out to hug her, and she would know how loved she was.

That was the plan.

Only as our daughter rounded the corner, eyes like Christmas lights, she headed toward me with arms ready to hold the brother she’d been waiting for.

But then she stopped.  This wasn’t right.  Where was he?  Her eyes searched the room again.

Which was when I pointed to her daddy who crouched down with our swaddled son and scooped our daughter up as she ran to share his lap.

Yes…this was what she wanted.

This was her brother.

And she was in love.

Him and her.

Her and him.

Our daughter returned late last night from half a week with her cousins.

A long time for a little brother.

So as our son thumped from his bottom bunk this morning and leaned his head on my pillow, I said, “go wake up sissy.”

He didn’t bite.  “She’s not here,” he moped.

“Seems you better check,” I said.

At which time he slunk around our bedroom door and into his sister’s room.

We listened.

Shrieks.  Giggles.  Hair pulling.  Hugs.

It was a sweet reunion.


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  1. Jackie M says:

    Sweet sweet pictures. It’s getting hard to remember them both so little. Can’t we stop the clock and not let them get any bigger??? J.

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