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Oh, Deer

When we saw the deer, it was stradding both lanes.  Like it was waiting for something.

Only we weren’t sure it’d still be waiting when we got close.

Which was when I stomped on the brakes and listened as our tires signed their names with a thirty foot strip of rubber.

The deer watched…appeared to sniff the van as we swerved past…and then turned in our wake and gently trotted up the opposite embankment.


we gasped.

The deer hadn’t lost a hair.

Us either.

We shook our heads.  God must’ve been driving our van.

Twenty minutes later…twenty minutes without talk of the deer, my daughter raised her voice from the back seat.

“Was that deer…” she started.

“Was that deer male or female?”


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  1. Jackie M says:

    Glad everyone is OK….would have been a different outcome if that had been a skunk….male or female!!! Leave it to Raven to find something fun in a situation like this. Now that’s positive thinking…but then, she’s always on an adventure. Have fun this weekend. Hugs. J.

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