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Rocky Reach Dam

We got a few hours with our cousins yesterday.

Which was when we tromped all six kids into the Visitor Center at Rocky Reach Dam.

I figured things had changed since I’d been there in the first grade on a field trip.

And they had.  Sort of.  If the landscaping counts.

Here’s the fish ladder we could see from the top of the dam.

And here’s a glimpse of all six kids before they zipped ahead of us in the museum.

And not to say that the igneous and metamorphic rock wasn’t thrilling to read about, but we really came for this.  The hand-powered crank that turns the light bulbs on.

What the light bulb crank thing does is demonstrate how hydro-electric power works. The power we put on the crank is like the power of the water passing through the generators.  The greater the power, the greater the electricity.

So here, the harder and faster we can turn the handle, the more bulbs that will light up.

Now if you’re a little cousin without much power, well, nothing happens.

But if you’ve got a little more leverage and can get the thing spinning, you can get a couple of bulbs to light.

For like a second.

And if you think, “gosh, I wonder if I can do better than that,” you step up and start cranking.

And then droop away after lighting just two bulbs.

Here’s my daughter after a little help from her dad.

And here’s me again.

Three bulbs, baby.

There’s not much else to tell about Rocky Reach except that we left shortly after we exhausted everyone’s right arm.

That, and the sunshine was calling.


2 Responses to “Rocky Reach Dam”

  1. Jackie M says:

    Looks like everyone had a great time. The boys look good…I’m sure it was great having them hang out with you, Troy and the kids. Raven looks like she’s in heaven…only girl with all those cute boys…even if they are cousins. Glad to see you’re having a good time. It’s sunny here today, and supposed to be possibly into the 90’s by next weekend. You’ll be glad to be home. Have fun. J.

  2. Carolyn Moore says:

    From now on we should call you a 3 Bulb Baby:0) ???

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