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Heart of a Cousin

I think the last time I was at Slidewaters in Lake Chelan may also have been the last time I had little qualm about being in a swim suit.

Certainly not this decade.

Or the one before it.

I remember hurrying up paved trails that wore the skin off my toes as I hiked to the top of the slides.

I remember waiting in line for the tube ride.

I remember grass.  Lots of grass.

But things have changed.

The grass has given way to trees and shrubs.  A whole kiddie place has been added with a mushroom and a teeter-totter.  There’s a slide that sends you down in the dark.  And one that let’s you smack onto your gut on a mat, racing the two people beside you.

The changes are good–because…

Somewhere behind or beside those bushes, there’s a slide for every size…

For the little guys…

the big girls…

And the big and little.

Which, in its own way, made the whole thing meaningful–the big and little.

For an hour and half our oldest nephew cruised down slide after slide with our son.

When our son blabbed about whatever, our nephew listened.  Leaned in.  Smirked.

Wherever I turned, there were these two.

One having the time of his life.  And the other making that possible.

The slides were great.

But the heart of a cousin.

That was something.


5 Responses to “Heart of a Cousin”

  1. Sarah says:

    Almost tears on this one. Such happiness

  2. Jackie M says:

    There’s nothing like a “friend” to make special times even more special. They look like they’re having a blast…which is what childhood should be all about. Kudo’s to you and Troy for taking the time to give all these kids a day they won’t soon forget….a much need respite from the daily routine kids experience today. Keep having fun. J.

  3. Mandy says:

    That was so beautiful it made me tear up. Looking forward to seeing you all again in a month at the Y.

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