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The Find

We weren’t doing much more than this…

Sifting through rocks.  Fingering the pretty ones.  Skipping the flat ones.

When my husband dug with his toes in the sand.  A meaningless gesture.

Except that from that scraped sand spot our daughter knelt and lifted up a pretty rock.

One with deliberate little nicks around both sides that came together at a point.

And had a leveled bottom.

And looked just like something we’d seen in the museum at Rocky Reach Dam.


Like an arrowhead.

We’d covered some ground this week.  Romped with cousins; ate an excess of hot dogs and bloated on ice cream; stacked drift wood; jumped off swings; batted tennis balls; skittered around in swim suits.

But this special find…this piece of the past…

This is what she’ll remember.


2 Responses to “The Find”

  1. Sarah says:

    Raven, that is a really cool find. I hope the vacation was wonderful.

  2. Linda H says:

    Good eye Rav … You are so sweet, you see the beauty in everything and that arrowhead is really beautiful.

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