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Origami Paper Cups

The hard part isn’t finding a craft to do.

Or even the time to do one.

It’s finding a craft my son can do…

all by himself.


Well…we did a little paper folding today.  Nothing radical.  Nothing every kid hasn’t already done, except mine.

But it was the process that mattered.  My kids, um…followed directions.

And consequently, were so proud of what they created.

And we’re talkin’ a paper cup.

Here’s how we got started.  We wanted to make origami paper cups.  Which meant all we needed was a square piece of paper and five folds.

Only we didn’t have special square paper…so we made our own…

by folding the corners of our paper together until it looked like we had a triangle and a rectangle.

And then since we didn’t need the extra rectangle piece, we just cut it off…

in whatever form our scissors would work.

Were we to open our triangle, we’d have had our square.  But since our first fold was to create a triangle like the one we had, there wasn’t any need to open our triangle to recreate the square.

So…first fold is done.

For the second fold, we need to make sure the open edges of the triangle are at the top.

Then, picking either the left point or the right, we fold the point to the opposite side about 1/3 the way down the paper.

Here my daughter has brought the right side point over until it just touches on the left side.

The second fold is done.

The third fold is identical to the second.  Just from the opposite side.

Here my daughter is folding the left side point over to the right side, lining this fold on top of the other.

Fold three is complete…

and looks like Chinese take-out.

For the fourth and fifth folds we take the pointed flaps on top and pull them down–one in front and one in back–creasing them where they meet the second and third folds.

And that’s it.

At this time my daughter squeezed her cup and watched it open.

And my son…well…

he didn’t hurt anybody.

We didn’t make anything more than a paper cup x thirty.

But what I loved about it was this:

his folding…

his focus…

his fun.

Her patience…

and product.

Paper cups, anyone?


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