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Living Room ‘Dig’

Maybe it was appropriate that we studied archaeology this morning in our introduction to history…

because we didn’t have to dig much farther than the black trash bag my mom dropped off on Saturday with a smile that said, “have fun going through these.”

I’d hefted the bag into a side room and shuddered.  I’d even waved my kids away with, “not now.  “Later.”

Which…I suppose it was.

I closed the history book and drug the black bag to the living room.   A purple prom dress sagged to the carpet and my kids’ eyes tripled to frisbees.

Washed up winter coats.  Dresses with lack-luster lace and limp buttons.  Forgotten frocks.

For the next quarter hour my kids ogled through the past…

and armed themselves in my ‘antiques.’

I smiled.

It was, I suppose, my contribution to history.


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