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Pink Paper Accordions

I only nodded as my son ran inside for more paper.  It seemed easier than asking questions.

But on his fifth trip, I raised an eyebrow.  At which time my son smiled, fingered another sheet and then slunk speedily out the back door.

I followed.

Only there…there on the play toy was the smallest two-person assembly line of pink paper accordions.

My daughter sat cutting paper into strips and taping the ends.

And my son sat anchored in the maple tree…

concerned with nothing but criss-crossing his pink paper strips.

I don’t know what started the paper folding.  Nor how it could continue for two hours.

I’m just certain that the folding of pink paper into tiny accordions has never brought such satisfaction.

Or produced such purpose and peace.


4 Responses to “Pink Paper Accordions”

  1. Carolyn Moore says:

    The peace that I am sure was in your house came straight to mine :0)

  2. Sarah says:

    It is breast cancer awareness month. Maybe they wanted to make it known they care. 😉

  3. kristine kwok says:

    wanted more..what else happened? fabulous picture of raven in the treehouse-that’s a keeper.

    • jeanne says:

      Well….then they hauled their nine miles of paper chain into the living room and asked where they could put it. At which time I pointed to the recycling…and watched two kids fall apart faster than I could say, “uh, mommy’s just kidding.” Two days later…it was ALL recycled. This time without tears. 🙂

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