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My son burst through our bedroom door this morning with news that he had just whizzed and tooted at the same time.  And…” did I know what?” he’d asked

I didn’t.

“My toot sounded like this: buuuuuuuuuuuurrrrippppp.”  He spread his hands their whole length, so I wouldn’t miss his drift.

I high-fived the beaming multi-tasker and realized I hadn’t heard updates from my daughter like these.  Ever.

After yesterday’s lunch my son split from his chair hollering, “hey, sis!  You wanna wrestle with me when you’re done?”

And last night when my son stirred the spaghetti sauce like he had ants in his pants, I wondered if he was all right.  Only he’d laughed as he criss-crossed his legs for the thirteenth time.  “It’s my weanie,” he said. “It’s just happy.”

Ah…thank you, God, for little boys.


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  1. Jackie M says:

    That’s my boy….a happy weenie makes for a happy boy! Again, does he get this from his father? J.

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