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In the Zone

I can rarely remember my dreams even moments after waking up.  I want to.  But it seems the harder my brain strains for details, the faster my subconscious whisks away any memory of the night.

Gone.  Not telling.  See ya.

I’ve tried to make sense of the distant details, but words don’t seem to work.  They garble the picture even further.  And then with unknown urgency every strand of the dream flits away.  As if it never was.

But this morning was different.

I remembered strumming my air guitar in my new Halloween socks.  There was a tight circle around me like one that forms naturally around someone who dives in to breakdance. My small crowd was whoopin’ it up.  Clappin’ me on.  And I just strummed and jumped and hit a few air drums with my air drum stick.

But then I got too close to the crowd and tripped on somebody kneeling.  At which time from the floor, I laid on my back and kept strumming…and, dear Lord, never stopped laughing.

Which was how I found myself this morning at 7:32.  Still laughing.

And happy to the core.


Ahem…dream not open to interpretation. 🙂


6 Responses to “In the Zone”

  1. Sarah says:

    SO many parts I want to address, but only one I will. The actual fall didn’t wake you? Glad you slept so well

  2. Jackie M says:

    Halloween socks??? Could be that little blip in your brain came from the kids wearing their Holloween socks from Nannie….amazing how a little thing like that can imbed itself in the farthest recesses of our minds and then surface when we least expect it….like in the middle of a dream. Glad you slept well…it’s been years since that has happened very often. J.

  3. kristine kwok says:

    last line made this piece of work great to grand!!! i was smiling when u told me this story the first time but in writing it was heartwarming, more vivid, memorable. can just imagine you, now. it makes me smile even more–ear to ear.

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