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Hard-Hat Normal

I realized half way through our history lesson that my flinching reflex must have taken a nap.  Or was numb from too much activity.

There was my daughter–where she had been for the last twenty minutes–wearing a yellow hard hat the size of a medium watermelon.

Only…I hadn’t noticed.

It, uh…seems obvious now.

The lack of eye contact.  The giant lemon where her head should be.

Without warning, my daughter snapped up from her notebook, stared at me eyeball for eyeball and asked if I knew what item of clothing was in Abraham’s name.

She’d clearly had an epiphany.

I hadn’t.

“Tell me,” I said.

At which time she smirked and said above a giggle,  “Bra.”

And I said it out loud. A-BRA-ham.

The two of us shook our heads in snickers.

She for Abraham’s brassiere.  And me…ahem… for the bobbing hard-hat across the table.


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  1. Marilyn Pyke says:

    Again, Raven is tooooooo cute.

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