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Mummy’s the Word

A mummy.  That’s what my daughter said.

Only it was attached to more words like, “I want to be a mummy for Halloween because I’m learning about them in our study of Ancient Egypt.”

Which made sense, I suppose.  The Egypt part.  But a mummy?  Really?

I counted on the mummy desire to pass like a bad smell.

And when it didn’t, there I was on the floor with a pair of sewing scissors at 4:30 Monday afternoon cutting crooked strips of material before the Fall Carnival at five.

My son gave no thought to a costume.  Which was when he climbed into his sister’s old puppy suit–homemade by the neighbor next door–and started barking.

It was when my daughter was wound and tied that I realized she hadn’t turned into this creepy thing I’d imagined.

I’d almost hug this mummy.

And I might even give that dog a treat.

Only in the forty-five seconds I asked my kids to stand still, the mummy got creepy, and the dog got naughty.

Nevermind the pouting puppy.  He’ll bounce back.

I just think my daughter assumes that all mummies have arthritis.

And do things with their arms like this.

My son assumes nothing.

Have energy.  Will expend.

At which time he clogged around our neighborhood in his rain boots collecting candy…

While his sister, uh…did her own thing.


here’s to a great night of trick or treating…

And now here’s all the junk we shouldn’t be eating!


3 Responses to “Mummy’s the Word”

  1. Brian Morgan says:

    Cool. My son was a mummy, too. He couldn’t decide if he was going to be a King Tut mummy or the mummy from the cover of his favorite Skillet album. He chose the latter, though I was proud that King Tut was in the running.

  2. Linda H says:

    With Raven’s little angel face she could never be scary. But can you say a mummy is cute? Well, I can say that Raven as a mummy is very cute. And Si, well he is the cutest puppy I’ve seen in awhile. I sure miss those little guys … Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Jackie Munson says:

    the pictures are adorable…good job Mom.

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