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Grrrreat Wolf Lodge

We spent Thursday night at the second happiest place on earth–Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA.  Also known as the present highlight of our kids’ lives.

Pardon their eyeballs popping out of their heads.  I think the anticipation really did a number on them.

It took most of four minutes to drop our bags and ooch into our swim suits.  At which time our kids danced their way down the hotel hallway to the water park to get as wet as possible, as quickly as possible.

What helped in the last eleven months was all the growing both kids had done sometime in their sleep.  Our daughter was tall enough to ride any of the slides, and our son was tall enough to ride some.  Which was exponentially more fun than dinking around in the wading pool.  Or standing in ankle deep water watching our kids dink around.

That we stayed on a Thursday night and not a Friday might have been the biggest fun factor.  There wasn’t a circus of people to sort through to find a missing a kid in checkered swim trunks.  And there weren’t lengthy lines for any of the slides.

As quickly as we could hike up a hundred stairs, we could sail back down.

Which was great… until we realized the connection with being completely wet and being completely cold.

I think our daughter had the most promising case of purple lips…cured occasionally by the hot tub.

The wave pool, though, looked like this.

Until someone got sick…and it looked like this.

But nevermind that.  What stayed consistent was the dumping of the bucket…

Which was no less spectacular each time…

I’d say we did more than survive Great Wolf this year.

We came. Got soaked. Dried off in generic towels.


And watched our kids smile for twenty hours straight.


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