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Tree Priority

There was little fanfare in sawing our Christmas tree down this year.  In fact, it was over before my daughter could complain the third time about the tree being too small.

It’s just that there was this sudden urgency—uh, mental urgency–to get a tree, if only to see the color of our carpet again.

With excessive help from two kids, the Christmas totes had spilled their guts over the weekend. Breakable Nativity people cavorted with reindeer and snowmen around a pile of mostly dead Thanksgiving gourds. And, in a half hour of quality alone time, my son had found the ends of eight strands of last year’s tree lights and yanked them far enough from the clump to reach six different outlets.

It was when my voice spoke in an unknown octave that I realized I just needed to be able to walk across the living room without flailing and grabbing a child on my way down.

Hence the tree.  In November.  And, well, not a day later.


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