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The Detour

What I said:  “Take that sock…the one right there…no…right there…the one that crunches when I poke it…yes…that one…and run it to the dirty laundry.

What he heard: “How ’bout you string those vacuum cleaner pieces together…yep, every last one…good, good…until you’ve got a ten foot pole.  Then carefully–cause you don’t want to touch it either–thread your sock over the tip.  Be sure to whap the wall a good one when you stand back up.  And now…take off after your sister down the hallway…really pour on the speed.  Aim for her face…perfect…just like that.  Keep waving the pole around until she screams “mom!”…that’s it.  Now turn and chase her the other way.”

What I saw next:  The vacuum pole in pursuit…

wobbling with a hazardous sock…

nearing its grossed out target.

God knows we need to get out more.


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  1. Jackie Munson says:

    Hilarious…as our friend Pete always says….”It’s all in the perception”. Love the way you describe what you said and what he heard. We love this kid. PS>>>that’s a beautiful picture of Raven all smiles.

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