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My Honorary Degree

I don’t know if you can still buy the kind of picture album we were looking through last night.  The kind with the plastic peel-back pages and the sticky parts that hold the pictures.

And it doesn’t matter. It’s just that my kids had never seen anything like it.

Nor abused anything like it.

At which time I became a guard dog with hunkered shoulders fending off their curious fingers. There was no need to unhinge every weary piece of plastic and smooth both hands over each printed face.  Twice was too many.

We flipped the pages quickly.   Until my daughter spied my younger face beaming in a black cap and gown.

“Look, buddy,” she said.  “It’s a picture of mommy when she graduated to be an adult.”

I smiled…

If only.


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  1. Jackie says:

    When Troy and Robyn were little, I was showing them pictures of Lowell in his cap and gown when he graduated from ASU. One of them said “Look, Daddy must be going to church. He’s wearing a dress and a hat like mommy does when she goes to church”. (gotta love those Catholics…always had to have a hat and gloves on to go to church)

    Just a little memory tidbit!!

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