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Because tomorrow is uncertain…

I will serve love for breakfast with a side of cereal.

I will sit down to eat and chew my food with everyone else.  I’ve heard it can be done.

I will smile at the 2nd grade knock-knock jokes–and even think of a lousy answer before saying, “I don’t know…tell me.”

I will play games.  Lots of games.

I will not apologize for winning.  Because sometimes that happens…mommies win…and it’s okay.

Because tomorrow is uncertain…

I will hug my kids for no reason at all.  In the hallway.  By the fridge.  I’ll grab ’em on the way up the stairs.

I’ll read The Giant Jam Sandwich twice in a row, and Ill breathe in the little boy at my side.

I will listen with both ears to, “c’mere…you gotta see this!”

And I will…I’ll go see it.  And it will be worth every second I spend.

I’ll say fewer times “just a minute,”  “I’ll be there in a sec’,” or “not now, I’m busy,” because the lump of towels will still be there.  Facebook, too.

Because tomorrow is uncertain…

I will hunt down the snow pants.  I will snap jackets, suggest hats and even loan out my gloves.  My pink ones that aren’t dirty yet.

I will heat cider and even join in the sipping.

I will inhale the sunshine.  Stroke the dog’s ears.  And praise the child finishing math.

I will slow down…everything.  My stride.  My driving.  My mind.

I will sing.  I will pray. I will breathe.  I will be.

Because tomorrow is uncertain.


5 Responses to “Because Tomorrow is Uncertain”

  1. Bethany Grasley says:

    LOVE IT!!

  2. The Man says:

    You are the Sage!
    I Love You

  3. Rita Leyva says:

    So very wise you are…….. Love your writings.

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