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First Gear

It isn’t that life stops around here when it snows.

Not completely.

Sure–Ain’t nobody goin’ anywhere.  ‘Cause they can’t.

But ain’t nobody late either.  ‘Cause there ain’t nothin’ to be late for.

Life just sort of putters in first gear.  A gear we mostly forget about.  Until it’s all we have.

I came downstairs this morning to these two trying to hug each other right off the ground.

Apparently they’d caught sight of this.

And this.

And were ready to zip out the door looking like the Lunch Lady…

and her body guard, armed with a carrot.

While this one read…

This one ran.

And this one dug us out.

Tonight, as jackets drip over heat vents and boots puddle at the back door,

we’ll remember with grins our day in first gear.


2 Responses to “First Gear”

  1. Linda H says:

    Wow, lots of snow. If you guys need a snow shovel you can use ours. It’s locked up in the shed so you’d have to get Kyle or Jordan to unlock it for you. I hope the electricity doesn’t go out.

  2. Marilyn Pyke says:

    Jeanne, you capture each moment and sentiment perfectly. How does a busy homeschooling mom find time to document these sweet moments? I don’t know, but so glad you are and are sharing them.

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