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Making a Memory

If you’ve bought or been given a game of Memory in the last ten years, then you know there’s something lacking.

It’s called ‘fun.’

Last year we pulled out Dora Memory and tried to match Dora wearing her backpack and smiling behind her with another Dora wearing her backpack and smiling behind her.  Which wasn’t to be confused with Dora in cowboy boots, Dora on a unicorn, Dora holding an apple, Dora in an Indian outfit or Dora doing something else.

We asked ourselves what the point was of a preschool Memory game if every piece was nearly the same.


Which was how ours ended up at the Goodwill stacked beside someone else’s.

This morning seemed like a Memory day, though.  And whether it was or not, the four of us sat around the table, deep in colored pencils and white index cards, drawing in silence whatever fell out of our brain.

Which might not have been all that much.

But here’s the pinnacle of homemade Memory–all the finished pairs lie face down while two kids hem and haw about which card has the other centipede.

Then our son turns two over.


they’re not a match.

Nor are these.

Or these.

But, hey…two lollipops…now we’re talkin’!

And two similar scribbles…sweet!

I’d say what hardly mattered was our five minute game.

But rather the Memory of making it.


2 Responses to “Making a Memory”

  1. Jackie says:

    What a terrific idea…this is one of those games you need to save until they are both 25…and can show their own kids how to make Memory memorable.

  2. The Man says:

    Love the family portrait

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