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Reverse Technology

On our bookshelf, hidden behind books we’ve read and probably ought to donate somewhere, is our stash of movies on VHS–a small stash.  Movies we bought in the nineties because we liked ’em.  Movies we thought we’d watch again.  Again on VHS, that is.

Only we don’t.

Because we can’t.

Five years ago we had a TV with a built in DVD and VHS player.  It weighed a hundred pounds.  And it was handy.

Until it wasn’t.

Four years ago, our son learned to stand by opportunistically clutching the extended DVD compartment on the T.V.  At which time, it never closed again.  Ever.

Three and a half years ago we extracted a plastic hotdog bun and a purple play spatula from the VHS compartment.  And it, too, laid down and died.

Which was when we got rid of our TV.  And gave a big shrug to our movies on VHS.

“Ah, well,” we said.

Only my daughter, the one longing to watch the brief case sized Mary Poppins, wants to know when we’re getting a VHS player.

“We’re not,” I say.

But she only sighs, “I wish it was now.”


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