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I’ll Take…

Maybe it’s because it happened two lunch times in a row.  Two lunch times where I stood in the kitchen cutting sandwiches in half and adding a side of apple to each plate while my family plunked their behinds around the table and waited for me to deliver the goods.

Two lunch times when my daughter’s voice cracked the silence and said, “I’ll take a tuna fish sandwich.”

Like this was some cafe’ where money was exchanged for my services.

“I’ll take a tuna fish sandwich.”

My insides grumbled.


I could think of a few things I’d like to take.

Only that’s not even it.  I really don’t want to take anything.

And I’m not looking to be paid for my sandwich services…

With money.


I just want to give that sandwich to a grateful child–a  kid who begins his request with, ‘please, mommy, may I have,’ and receives whatever it is with, ‘thank you’.

Because, though my own children may not realize it now, it is their appreciation–even the tiniest speck…

that fuels my making of  tomorrow’s sandwich.


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