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20 Things I Like About My Brother.

It was an assignment.  Given after ten p.m.  To our daughter sitting on the stairs with a sharpened pencil…our daughter who needed a moment to remember…

how good it is to have a brother.

It started as a moment of courage when our son announced his arrangements for sleeping in his own room.  Alone.  He fixed his bed.  Got in.  Agreed that the night light in the bathroom was bright enough.  Closed his eyes.

And then opened ’em.  He had a better idea.

Which was when he pulled all his blankets from his bed and crept again to his sister’s floor.  The floor he’s curled up on for the last ten months, the floor that feels like home, the floor that makes him safe.

But in the ten minutes her brother was gone, our daughter had all but rearranged the furniture.  She’d closed the chapter on room sharing.  She’d moved on.  To freedom.

Which may explain the size of her complaint.  But certainly didn’t excuse it.

And so crouching on the stairs with a yellow pencil beside a daddy who loves her, a daddy who cares more about her heart and her character than a full night of rest, she began her list.

20 Things I Like About My Brother.

1. company

2. fun

3. love

4. share

5. time together

6. pictures

7. help

8. laughs

9. somone to hug

10. Christmas fun

11. giving gifts

12. waching fireworks

13. making forts

14. clean up help

15. celabrating birthdays

16. memorys

17. baby pictures

18. picking out things

19. preschool progects

20. giving me gifts

When she climbed into bed at eleven, it was to the soft breathing of her brother in a lump on the floor, the brother she remembered she loved.


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