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A Card in the Mail

Since there’s something about a card in the mail…A thank you card with a hand-written address… An old-fashioned, I-sat-down-and-wrote-this-after-I-found-a-pen-that-worked-and-after-I-thought-of-something-to-say-and-after-I-looked-up-your-address-since-the-one-I-have-for-you-is-six-years-old-and-you-don’t-live-there-anymore-and-after-I-emptied-a-drawer-where-I-knew-a-stamp-had-to-be-and-after-I-got-the-thing-to-the-car-and-after-I-turned-right-into-the-post-office-instead-of-heading-straight-home…

since there’s something about a card in the mail, I wanted our daughter to be able to put her “thanks” into words.

And not just into an e-mail.

Or a text.

Or a “hey, I meant to tell ya…” at the end of a phone call.  Though these things are nice.  And sometimes more practical.  And grandmas and grandpas aren’t picky or holding their breath.

But into a card, a thing she had to write herself.

A thing that from beginning to end took over an hour…

And a couple of tries.  And eventually included a picture.

A thing my mother-in-law will read and save and read again.

Because there’s something about a thank you card from a grandchild.

In the mail.


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