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Our Extra Guest

I don’t know where it was found.

Only that it was.

And that because it was, there it was, playing in our “new” VCR.

Our grainy, zoom-in/zoom out, eleven year old wedding VHS.  A real gem.

A thing that had our children musing, “I see dad.  But is that you, mom?”

Since my in-laws were also privy to our artifact, my daughter explained the intricacies of our wedding to my mother-in-law–“they showed up unmarried.  And they left married.”

Simple. As. That.

Which is pretty much what happens when you’re not there.

Ain’t no details to talk about.  Unless…

Unless you dream yourself…


sitting in the front row or the back…

witnessing the wedding of your parents…

which isn’t how it’s supposed to work…

but does…because it’s a dream…and we let kids do that.

Sometimes even ourselves.

So when my daughter wrote on the bottom of her picture…”If I could go back in time to one day, I’d go to my mom and dad’s wedding,” I wholly welcomed her there in my heart.

I just hope she brings a better camera.


2 Responses to “Our Extra Guest”

  1. Bethany Grasley says:

    That is awesome!!

  2. The Man says:

    That. Is. Awesome! LOL

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