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May I See Your ID?

Six weeks ago I renewed my husband’s driver’s license online.

Click Click.

Credit card.


Then the thing came in the mail days later.

I think I lost five minutes.

On Thursday my license expired.

On Friday, I started consciously braking at yellow-er lights and driving near-er the speed limit.

Renewing online made sense.


the picture–gasp–the picture would be the same.

For five years, at every request for ID, I have glanced woefully at my mom-hair scraped behind me in a pony tail, hair pulled so tight that it resembles no hair.

I don’t think I could bear another five.

But the DMV.

Lord have mercy.

Ain’t nobody moving faster than a slug with a broken foot.

And so…

One day I’ll be back to spend another morning or an afternoon or part of both to sit in a red-backed chair with a library book to wait…

and watch humanity…

and wait some more for an unhurried nine-to-fiver in a swivel chair to call #194.

But it’ll be worth it.  Because…

New license photo–with hair= happiness.


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