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Taking the Plunge

I can remember a lot of things about my own baptism.

I was 14.

I was nervous.

My hair was on its eleventh perm.

I was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with my sleeves folded up twice on each side.

I was sweating.  Through the sleeves I’d just folded.

I was tan.

I was standing with a dozen others up to my waist in the Columbia River.

The sun was shining.


And then it was my turn.

I was smiling.

And I was affirming with nods and yeses that Jesus was my savior.

And then I was under.

And then I was up.

And then there was clapping and singing as I slogged to shore with weighted legs.


I don’t know that I’ve ever thought more about my baptism.  I know it was significant.  I know there was a pie social afterwards.   I just wonder…

…I just wonder if all those years ago, being baptized meant little more to me than checking the next ‘churchy’ thing off my resume. (“I see you’ve been baptized.”  “Why, yes I have.”)

As if it worked like that.


This Sunday our church is holding its baptism service.

And my daughter…my eight year old…wants to be baptized.

“Why?” we’d asked over lunch.  “Why do think you want to be baptized?”

And she’d shrugged.

She didn’t know.

Which was okay.  We’d never talked about it.  We’d covered burping at a restaurant, keeping all four chair legs on the ground, kicking the beach ball in the living room.  Just not baptism.  Only now it seemed like we should. We explained that being baptized is a way to let everyone know that Jesus lives in your heart.

It was quiet a moment.  Our daughter nibbled a crumb from her sandwich.  And then she was out of her chair.

“I want to do that,” she said.  “I want to be baptized…

I want everyone to know that I love Jesus.”


With two fingers hovering over the keyboard this morning, she pecked out this invitation.

She hopes you can make it.


3 Responses to “Taking the Plunge”

  1. Ruth Slagowski says:


  2. This may be the sweetest invitation I have ever received. Please tell Raven I would not
    consider missing this special occasion. In the chambers of my mind I can hear the song
    Elisabeth has taught the children “Tell The World”.

  3. Linda H says:

    Good job Raven!!
    I’ll be there. Maybe Gary will come too.

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