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Our son disappeared from the dinner table.  Just slipped away without us knowing.

Until the conversation with the three of us faded to nothing, and it was quiet.

Very quiet.

“You all right, bud?” we called—our voices aimed to the ceiling.

We waited.  No one chewed.

“You all right?” we called again.

And then we heard him—his voice echoed from the upstairs bathroom—“I’m fine,“  he answered.


His voice was suddenly desperate.  “Who moved the toilet paper all the way over by the sink?”


There was a half second of pity, a moment of shrugging amongst ourselves.  We smirked.  Poor guy.

And then our daughter sprung from her chair.  “He did that!” she shouted.  “He moved it yesterday, so I couldn’t reach it.”

At which time we smirked again.


One Response to “Because What Goes Around Eventually Comes Back Around”

  1. The Man says:

    I don’t want to say I loved it. BUT I LOVED it 🙂

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