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Ten years ago, before American Idol ever aired, we gave up TV.

We knew ourselves.

We knew that if we didn’t get rid of cable, we’d watch the thing.  Or if we didn’t watch the thing, we’d be upset that we were paying for something we weren’t using.


So we gave up our two channels.  And never looked back.

Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t awkward without Oprah those first three weeks.

Or that missing the Olympics didn’t stink.

But I’m certain somehow–even if I can’t put a finger on that ‘somehow’–that we made the right decision for our family.

Here’s our son yesterday playing DIRT.  From what I understand, the person playing has charge of the hose and wastes enough water to make rivers, canals and mud balls.

Like so.

The same person can also row his own boat across the lawn…

and actually believe he’s getting somewhere.

And he can set up his bakery in too-tight pajamas and sell me back my own refried beans and chicken stock.

I might have missed these things.

And never known the difference.

But I didn’t.


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  1. Marilyn Pyke says:

    I made the same decision after reading a book titled something like “Unplug The Drug” when our boys were toddlers and never missed or regretted it (but I’m not much of a TV watcher anyhow). Reading, building forts, catapults, models, painting, games, running, skating, etc. together became our family entertainment. As homeschoolers we were enriched by not having TV. Seeing your pics and commentary brings back all those fond memories of their creativity and imagination. P.S. We still love to play games together around the dinner table.

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