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Sometimes I just need to be rescued.

From myself.

I need a lifeline to save me from my mind. To save me from the thoughts that swirl like eddies and crinkle my brow.

I need a reminder–even though my being resists–to be thankful.  To utter out loud my tiniest thanks for the tiniest things.

Like my son’s haircut.  A van that starts when I turn the key.  Shoes…I have shoes to wear.

I need to remember that..

I’ve not used the toilet plunger in a week.  The side mirror to the van didn’t rip off entirely when I oopsied out of the garage.  My daughter’s shoulder’s didn’t slump when I mentioned math.  My son said his happiest thing last night was hugging his mommy.

I saw the rainbow God left in the sky.  My dryer works.   My kids are jumping from pillow to pillow in the living room playing Hot Lava.

I found a hairnet for ballet at Winco.  I learned how to use it on my daughter’s head.  She only screamed four times when I was brushing her hair.  I can’t say ‘hairnet’ yet without laughing.

I watched a movie by myself.  With headphones.  Staring at the computer.  And I loved it.

The public library forgave me for returning a magazine without its cover.  “This happens all the time,” they said.  When I left, a car waved me into traffic.

I can feel it, people…my heart is swelling.  It’s grabbing the lifeline; it’s choking out worry with every smile; it’s saying, “get away from me fear–you have no place here!” It’s wagging a finger at despair.

And I’m grinning because I can’t help it.

And because–thank you, Jesus…

I’ve been rescued.


4 Responses to “Rescued”

  1. Bethany Grasley says:

    Love this!!

  2. Michelle Tallent says:

    Seriously rad

  3. What an awesome lesson for all of us to “GRAB” hold of and run the race with. I just wonder
    what will the crown at the end of the long distant run look like?

  4. Marilyn Pyke says:

    I feel the same way when I walk out my door or drive down my driveway, thankful for that simple gift and pleasure. Or more recently having my sons come home unexpectedly just because they missed us. Every breath we breathe is God-given.
    Thanks Jeanne.

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