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Hiking to High Hut

It’s the trail head.

But I’ll tell ya…by the time our small circus found this sign, we’d already turned the van around twice, doubted the map, read the map upside down and worried that the last pot hole might have left part of the van behind.

But here it is.  The sweet trail head sign.

And us.  Dressed like it’s ten degrees and not fifty.

We’re headed to High Hut.  Three miles away.

Which sounds about as easy as sunbathing or picking daisies.

Until we realized those three miles only go in one direction.


Which is why two kids clomping in boots have slithered from their coats, yanked off their hats and begged someone else to carry their gloves.

It’s also why my husband is saying, “I don’t think we should have brought the sled.”

But, aha!  Snow.

And sun.

And slooooow going.

Like running up a sand dune.  Or an escalator the wrong way.

For three hours.

With weights on your arms.

Here’s half of us.  Half-way there.

And here’s the arrow we’re following.

Here’s a view break…

that looks something like this.

Here’s where we’ve been.

And here’s where we finally are…

4760′ in elevation.


That roof behind us…  That’s High Hut.

A hiker’s refuge.

With ladders and bunks.

And couches and Uno.

And a stove to cook hot dogs.

And a stove to thaw the soggy stuff.

It’s a place to get warm for awhile…

Until we give a last glance to High Hut and the mountain behind the clouds…

And plunk our behinds in a sled.

And start to ooch.

Or rather, plop a kid in the sled and run in front.

Like so.

Until there is no snow.

Just dirt and rocks…

and jelly legs.


3 Responses to “Hiking to High Hut”

  1. Kim Frey says:

    Looks like our back yard.

  2. Linda H says:

    I thought you guys might be out hiking. Looks like a lot of fun … good exercise and great family time.

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