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The Birthday Meal

We were still burping bits of my mother-in-law’s mashed potatoes and fried chicken and releasing the top button of our pants, when my son sighed, “well, it wasn’t my favorite meal.”

There was a collective, “oh?” as we noticed his plate, completely scarfed of chicken and on its second serving of potatoes.

“So…what would you choose for your birthday meal?” my sister-in-law asked. She spoke softly to my son who was rolling his potatoes into small balls between his palms.

Only we all waited.  We poked our forks at empty plates.

And then in a voice filled with certainty, my son said, “Cereal.”

There was a moment’s breath where no one said anything, not even the slightest titter.  “Cereal” we all mused.

“Why not?” we snorted.

Seems birthday dinner will be extra special next March.  Consider yourself invited over for a bowl of Koala Crisps.


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