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I think when we don’t know we’re missing something, we don’t know to say anything. Life just is.  And we make what we have work.  Even if they don’t so well.

I mean…what is ‘blurry’, when we don’t know ‘clear’?

This is my daughter, forty seconds into her new glasses, and…and she can’t stop smiling.

“I can see,” she whispers. “Everything.  Like words on signs.  At the end of the aisle.  And people’s faces.”

She hangs near me while we shop. Only I watch as she raises and lowers her treasured specs, comparing, as it were, her old life with her new one.

At home she points to the sink.  “That rag,” she says. And we follow her finger to the wash cloth hanging on the faucet. “It has texture.”

And we nod.  And wait.

And she explains, “I just never knew.”


2 Responses to “T’was Blind But Now I See”

  1. Bethany Grasley says:

    We experienced this with Levi. It’s so fun to watch them “see” for the first time. 🙂

  2. Chere' Fields says:

    I was nine when I wore my glasses for the first time. I thought everything looked “clean”. I didn’t realize shapes and textures. Yes, even the trees! I agree about the green blob statement. Leaves fascinated me. Lucky Raven. Love her smile and amazement.!

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