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Hold Me

Sometimes our kids tattle on each other over THE dumbest stuff:

He’s using my squirt bottle to water the plants, and I told him yesterday not to touch it.  She ran to the red swing first, and I wanted to use it; it’s my favorite.  She knows it’s my favorite.  He’s breathing on me.  He won’t stop trying to touch me.  He’s carrying the cat upside down.  She hurt my neck with her arm.  Well that’s because he tried to jump on my puzzle and ruin the whole thing.

It’s enough to make my head twist right off.

So forget time-out on the stairs.

We need something new.  Like hugging each other. For two minutes.


Ah…I like it already.

Yes…this is working for me.

And even if they don’t know it yet…all frustration and anger is falling off their shoulders.

“I love you, bud,” she says.

“I love you, sissy,” he echoes.

And something tells me they may have meant it this time.


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