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It happened right here.  Pier 91. Last Sunday.

We kissed our waistlines ‘goodbye’.  And boarded the Oosterdam.

This tiny thing. With 2094 other guests.  And 808 crew members.

And sailed away from this place. With smiles that wrapped around our faces.

We didn’t know what lay ahead–things like decadent desserts and classy napkins.  But if it had anything to do with this sunshine and that view, we liked it already.

Liked it that is, until we hit a hiccup.

When our ship bucked and heaved in the open ocean.


…so did we.

For fourteen hours we looked something like this.

And upon rising again, celebrated dinner like this.

Which only meant that by Tuesday we were hugging lunch menus like these.

And getting chummy with the butter bowl.

And that’s where it began.

The bread. The butter. The four course meals multiple times a day.  The snacks in between the four courses.

The ice cream. The fruit bowls. The salads.

The fries.

And so really, it’s not any specific meal that made us wish our pants had gentle elastic bands instead of zippers.  It was all of them.


This is the guy who met us at the dinner door. Every night.

He’s got a little bar here of  ginger, figs, dates and mints. And he puts whichever we want into a napkin for the walk back to the stateroom.

I think it’s to help us with something.


If only it had.

At a gift shop in Juneau, we passed on these.

And hovered here instead.

Then on board again we ate desserts like this. Things that had the word ‘tchokolade’ in them, that looked like wrung out tea bags plunked on a plate, but tasted like happiness.

Pure happiness.

And holy goodness, if I didn’t watch my own husband order three desserts.  For himself.  In the same sitting.

It. Was. Awesome.

Hey…we’re eating again.

Dessert, too.

And here’s the two of us feeling like we better sit here a little longer.


Because come the ‘morrow, it’s salmon off the grill.


I’m not sure how to rate our dining experience except to say that it was superior to anything we’ve ever known in any restaurant.

Which means we’d do well to bring our self-control along next time.

And stretchy pants.

Just in case.


4 Responses to “Seven Pounds in Seven Days”

  1. Bethany Grasley says:

    Wow! Makes me want to go on a cruise! So glad you guys had a great time. 🙂

  2. Kristina Linkem says:

    Looks like the best time. Ever. And you both can use those 7 lbs. Seriously.
    Anniversary trip cruising to Alaska? You must tell how this went. Jason wants to do this!

    • jeanne says:

      Our anniversary is in August, but we’ve had too many go by with hardly a high-five. This is the way we should have been celebrating all those years. My parents have talked up Holland America, which is how we chose this cruise line. And it didn’t disappoint. Most friendly people, exquisite food, and the fact that someone was making my bed for me every single day…and then leaving chocolate for me on it at night. It was amazing.

  3. Jackie says:

    Excellent, excellent job. I hope you do more on your trip….makes us feel like we
    were there, but without the weight gain. For those of us who haven’t experienced
    Alaska yet….you’re taking us on a great visual journey. Thanks.

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