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A Glimmer of Juneau

I loved our time in Juneau.

All of it.

And I think it was Juneau’s accessibility.

I mean other than Juneau being the only land-locked capitol in our country, which on that end, isn’t all that accessible, the city itself felt like it had so much within it, and it was all right there.  Accessible. For anyone.

Here’s the Mt. Roberts tramway. Probably spectacular in the sun.

Only the people taking the six and a half minute ride up to the 1, 670-foot mountain slope…in the fog, were paying the same $29 as those who waited for the fog to burn off.

We didn’t choose the tram.

Which meant that our thighs noticed the streets in downtown Juneau headed to the heavens.

Our lungs confirmed this.

Then as we wound our way to nowhere, we looked up from the pavement and beheld The Alaska State Capitol building.  Across the street.  Just down from the Rainbow Market.  On the corner.

There weren’t lush lawns or shrubs surrounding the place.  It just was. Right there.  Framed by a thin sidewalk.

Completely accessible.

It was the same with the Governor’s Mansion.

House, house, house, Governor’s Mansion, house, house…

We could have knocked and borrowed sugar.

But the real beauty in Juneau was nothing man-made.

It was these.

And these.

Everywhere. Uncontrolled.

Random beauty.

This stuff was pretty neat, too.

Par for the Alaskan course.

But had waterfalls and wildflowers not been visible…

We could have still said we saw new sights.

Like this.

And this….


Only I think Alaska’s on to something here.


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