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Paper Love

There was a time that I wished I could make these.

Little paper square things.  With notes written under the flaps.  Paper squares that you push and pull with your thumbs and first fingers.


Yesterday wasn’t exactly that day.

But it was the day my daughter learned how.  And the day she was certain I should learn.

And so we did.

We made ’em.

Little paper squares.


And we loved it.  The simplicity. The accomplishment. The power of words.

Which is why if you’ve got young kids or small peeps hangin’ on your waist, and especially if you’re hurtin’ to fill an hour or a half hour in the afternoon, you should try these.


Here’s how they go.

We need a square piece of paper. If you’ve got one already, you’re in business.  If not, fold your paper like we’re folding ours.

Like so.

And then scissor off that extra strip.

Here’s our stripless paper.

Now we fold our paper diagonally in both directions.

And then unfold our paper, so it’s just a square with diagonal creases.

Then we fold the first corner into the center.

And we do the same for all the corners.

Here’s what the front looks like now with all the corners folded in.

And here’s the back.

Now with the front face down, we’re going to fold each of the corners into the center again.

I’m tellin’ ya…even small fingers and short attention spans can do this.

Then once each corner is folded to the center for that second time, our square should look like this on one side.

And like this on the other.

That’s nearly it.

All we’ll do now is fold our square in half in both directions–hamburger—and then the other hamburger…

to make creases.

Then we can open the thing.

As soon as we figure which direction that is…heh.

And put our fingers inside.

Here’s the paper square my daughter made at Vacation Bible School.  This is sort of what we’re after.

Hers has numbers (1-4) written on each top flap. Pictures, too.  If we want, we can do the same– jot numbers–put pictures. Or get wild and do both. We just want to have some way to identify each flap, so that when we say to our friend, “pick one,” he can say, “airplane” or “number 4.”

Now as we pull open the top “airplane” flap, there are two words written there.  (Instead of words, there could be colors, names or pictures of animals, numbers, words…whatever we want.  This one has words.) We get to pick one of those two words.

So here, I chose the word ‘amazing’.

Underneath ‘amazing’ was written my special message, “Pray for a family member.”

And so I did.

I prayed for her.

These are the words I markered on the inside of mine.

I read the choices to my son.

And he chose ‘kindness.’

“Here’s your special message,” I said.  And I lifted the flap and read…

“You’re a good friend.”

At which time, he smiled at me like this.

Because there’s something about kind words that everyone likes to hear–

“We can trust you!”  “You care about others!”  “You’re fun to play with!”

–That makes these more than just paper squares.  They’re…

They’re paper love.


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