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Doggie Delight

When it starts cookin’ here in the Pacific Northwest at 77 degrees, I get a soft spot for our dog.

The one in a life-long hairy coat.

The one who walks and sheds. Shakes and sheds. Pants and sheds.

The one who flops in a pile of rocks by the side of the house and hopes for more 59 degree days. Like yesterday.

This guy.

At which time I wink in his direction and trot off to fill a plastic container with water and a few pieces of last night’s barbecued chicken thighs.

And then freeze the thing over night.

By the time the sun starts to tease us, it’s ready.

And for twenty minutes I soar to number One in his small book.  Or actually that chunk of ice does.  And that whiff of chicken.

And that’s okay.


One Response to “Doggie Delight”

  1. Ruth Slagowski says:

    What a great idea!!! Doggie popsicles….. 🙂

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