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The Third Passenger

“Jesus is all buckled,” my son said.

I looked in the rear view mirror and tried to understand the commotion of arms and seat belts.

“Yep,” my daughter confirmed, “all buckled.”

I glanced again.  But didn’t see anything. “What are you talking about?” I insisted.

“Jesus!” both kids yelled.

I took my third peek. Still nothing. “Who are you calling Jesus?” I asked.

Both kids patted the empty space between them. My daughter tugged on the the shoulder strap of the fully fastened seat belt beside her. “Jesus,” they said.

“Jesus,” I murmured.

Until I got it.

At which time I smiled into the mirror at the kids I could see. And at the passenger I couldn’t.

The one tangibly buckled between my son and daughter.

The One along…for every ride.


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