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It started on a whim.

Hearsay, really.

Which was all we needed after yesterday’s homemade see-saw left a couple people sore in certain places…

and after his discovery of the arm pit fart.

Even a rumor would have worked.

We needed a change of scenery more than we needed the sun to shine two days in a row.

Which is why and how we ended up at Charlotte’s Blueberry Park in Tacoma.

We’d heard we could pick blueberries there.

For free.

And it was true.

Right on the corner of 72nd and D St. is this sign pointing the way.

And here they are. Some of the three thousand blueberry plants in the park.

Which didn’t mean that finding a bush with BLUE berries was as simple as sidling up to the first bush. Or to the tenth.

All the bushes have berries in varying stages of ripeness. But so many of the ones we circled had been picked clean of the ripe ones–especially the plants closer to the paths and to the road.

Which sort of gave us that hopeless feeling that we might not find any at all.

But we did.

It’s just we had to work for them.

Whereas the ones near the road puffed out in clumps…

The ones we plucked were tucked inside the branches and sized more like huckleberries.

Maybe not as easy to get.

But worth the effort…for the price.

The best thing about the plants, though, is that there are berries reachable for every height. Which isn’t saying that many made it past a couple pairs of lips.

These two think they helped.

Helped themselves, is more like it.

Here’s the official park sign.

Too hard to read from a picture.  But worth learning more about here–Charlotte’s Blueberry Park.

Such a beautiful thing for Tacoma.

Such a gift for all who come.

The plants.

And the harvest.

What a blessing.


2 Responses to “Charlotte’s Blueberry Park”

  1. Linda H says:

    I had heard the Blueberry farm was now a park but I haven’t been in the area in years. I grow up just down the road on 76th & A St. Years long ago, I had picked lots of berries there. It’s good to see the “old” place again and happy children in it.
    Thanks, Linda

    • jeanne says:

      I don’t know what the park/farm looked like before, but it seems lots of work has been done to create a place for the community to enjoy. Right now it’s maintained by a group of volunteers who mow and prune there one Saturday a month. A big job. If you can, Linda, take a trip down there again and enjoy it!!

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