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Grove of the Patriarchs

There is something about gaping at a tree that’s been living for a millenium. That hasn’t quit breathing.

Or reaching.

Or adding to its girth.

Something majestic.

Something that makes us want to wrap our arms around any size tree to put into perspective how puny we really are.

We’re at The Grove of the Patriarchs in Mount Rainier National Park. A place right off the Stevens Canyon entrance in the south-east corner of the park.

A place that offers a glimpse of extraordinary beauty and endurance. In trees.

A place that stretches our mouths to say, “WOW” over and over again.


It doesn’t take much to impress one of us.

Or for that same someone to feel ho-hum crouching inside the base of a tree.

And maybe that’s because the big stuff really begins…

At the suspension bridge

Where it’s like leaving one world for another.

The moment we hop down from here…

We’re here.

In the land of the giants.

The patriarchs.

A place where it just makes sense to spread our arms out.

Though I don’t know why.

A place where we realize that the only thing tiny about these two…

Is us in the same picture.

So…do trees emanate love?

It sure feels that way.

They certainly stir a sense of joy.

Just being in their presence.

They make a group hug seem appropriate.

But eventually it’s time to say ‘So long, farewell…’

and push our feet back down the trail…

past these trees…

and this one.

It’s time to wrap our arms around each other.

And to let those who come after us embrace the trees in our stead.


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