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Silver Falls 2012

Probably more accurate than the yellow pencil-marked wall in our kitchen is the Silver Falls sign thirty miles up the Entiat River Road we stand in front of each summer and mark for growth.

Subconsciously, of course.

Here’s for this year.

And here’s from last.

Where they look so…


What we like about this place is that it’s pretty.

Twenty yards in, there’s the falls.

And on multiple switchbacks, there’s also the falls.

But what makes this place a favorite is that even though the hike climbs quickly, it isn’t long.


The trail here is dry. Crumbly dry.

And thanks to this guy bursting ahead every few trees, it’s filled with dirt clouds.

It’s also wide enough for two.

Which is fitting.

Because for now…

she still wants to hold his hand…

And squeeze close for pictures.

He wants to poke at stuff with sticks…

bust twigs…

and boast the biggest stash of pine needles.

We just want to take in the falls…

for a minute or two.

To breathe in. And out.

And do it again.

Before the legs of this one lead us home.


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