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Man Enough

It started in the morning when my son had asked, “do men drink from plastic water bottles?”

Which stumped me, I guess…

because I wasn’t sure which part to emphasize because I didn’t know what part concerned him….was it the men vs. women? drink versus gulp? plastic vs stainless steel?

And so I said I was certain that men did drink from plastic water bottles. And tried to let the question fade to nothing.

Only my son rebuffed, “that’s not what dad says.”

Which ended up not really being what dad had said at all. Dad had only advised not to drink the water that’d been lying on its side in that water bottle for two weeks.  Which makes sense, but isn’t the point.

The point is…


Maybe there is no point.

It’s just that my son galloped into the kitchen hours later with a homemade, foam visor positioned on his face wanting to know if it looked ‘menish’ enough.


He’d pushed the visor around his forehead, up, down, over a little. Then had grinned with all his teeth and waited.

“I think he means ‘manly’,” my daughter whispered. She often interprets.

And so it was that I told my son whose bangs had missed the point of the visor and whose eyes peeked out from beneath, what he wanted to hear.

“You look like daddy,” I said.

At which time my son grew an inch in front of my eyes.


We watched as he yee-hawed out the back door, jumped the step, and got back to the business of being a little boy.

Very menish indeed.


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