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Educating These Two

He started kindergarten.

This one.

And loves it.

He signed in.

Sampled his new seat.

Paused in the reading center.

And stamped a hearty hand print.

She’s in the 3rd grade.

This one.

And still absorbing like a thirsty sponge.

Sometimes there’s a little brother alongside who doesn’t know about the equator yet.

Or Russian dolls to un-nest.

Or breaks for recess.

Sometimes there’s enough cardboard to sustain a small boy for half the afternoon.

Or an invitation to the zoo.

At which time we get to put our eyes on things we’ve barely heard of.

And take 107 pictures of fish in lighted aquariums.

We get to pay a buck for a popsicle stick with six seeds glued on the end of it.

Seeds that attract these fellas…

Which, in turn, deliver seconds of delight.

To him.

And her.

Which is enough–those seconds– because they just may remember…

Their happiness with these birds…

That jaw bone.

And the texture of the whale skin beneath that ‘scope.



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  1. Linda H says:

    We haven’t seen or heard the kids much lately. I loved seeing all the pictures.

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