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The Ripple Effect

There was a time that I was puzzled by padded bras. Bras that puffed out at attention. Bras that did not crumple when dropped or driven over.

Bras that could not crumple.

But I don’t even remember which decade that was.

I just know that the bras lying limp in my second drawer on Sunday must have joined my collection about that time.

I also know that this tired mix of straps and hooks and lifeless cups would still be in a strangled heap if I hadn’t thought I needed a white one to wear.

A white bra. With simple cups.


There was nothing simple Sunday about filling them…


And nothing else to do but notice the rippling of unused bra.

Gathered like a folded fan.

And holding shape like last week’s balloon.


Now not every woman wears a padded bra.

But I, uh, might know why there’s a market for those precious, smooth cups that do all the work for the rest of us.



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